Large Buffalo Parcel Black

Buffalo Collection


At Ampersand As Apostrophe, we have come to terms with the fact the our laptops seldom leave our sides.  For those of similar habit, we present the large buffalo parcel, a bag designed to accommodate your personal affects plus your electronic life-line.  You can now look forward to toting around a mini-computer, if it means toting it around in the kind of luxury leather that makes everyone look twice.

materials_ luxuriously soft buffalo hide with the perfect amount of pebbling. All metal hardware with black metal chain. Plus 2 tote straps: neon + black
uses_ laptop bag, fold-in-half / long chain: [cross-body satchel], fold-in-half / no chain: [another clutch], fold-in-half / double chain: [small shoulder or arm satchel], neon tote strap: casual shoulder or arm satchel, or roll it down as a sack….
dimensions_ 15.5” wide x 18” tall + 3” expander
Handmade in the states